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Development has started on a new comedy puzzle adventure for the NDS.

Jungle Rumble Puzzle Adventure
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The PS4 and Xbox ONE have already been used and enjoyed by most people for more than 6 months now. The introduction of these two consoles has changed hundreds and millions of black boxes. While the advanced PS4 is steadily selling more than the Xbox ONE currently, none of them is considered as a real failure or a flop.
If you are looking for purchase any of the two, making the right choice is very important. You may want to make a comparison of every of the two newest consoles in order to determine which of them is worth purchasing. During the previous months, Microsoft has created some huge changes to the strategy of its Xbox ONE. When planning to purchase an Xbox ONE or PS4 in a while, you must know the important things to keep in mind.
Kinect is not anymore tied into the Xbox ONE while Microsoft introduced its plan for releasing the console that is Kinect free for £349. This is the same value as with the PS4 with no any games. In addition to this, Microsoft has also untied some restrictions. One of them is that you will no longer require Xbox Live Gold for accessing things such as Netflix, which is an enormous bonus for the ones wanting to allow their consoles serving as a unit for home entertainment.
Now, the Xbox ONE is a lot more similar with the PS4, which in this case is a great thing. The advanced Kinect-free approach has also placed the price of PS4 and Xbox ONE even much close to each other. The Xbox ONE is originally sold for a fine deal more. The original price used to be £429 in which the PS4 was sold for around £349 since its launch period that was held last month of November.
On the other hand, you have already viewed a bit of erosion in the price of Xbox ONE while most stores are selling the PS4 on its original price. Currently, Amazon is selling the Xbox with included Kinect for about £379, which is only £30 as compared to the projected console’s price with no Kinect. Kinect is probably worth £30.
Indeed, most players would probably wish to purchase a console that comes with some games. This significantly changes things, as today there are most bundles that you may order along with the new consoles. A lot of the initiating bundles are starting to become scarce since they are being replaced with more advanced games. The reason for this is quite obvious, as once the price of the game drops a couple of month since its launch it also drops its bundle appeal.

One of the most updated among the available game bundles includes the Titanfall Xbox ONE deal as well as the Watch Dogs PS4 package. With the increasing number of packages and deals offered in the two consoles, it should become more interesting for you to choose them. However, if you look to purchase just one of them, properly considering your selection should be a great idea. Consider which among them offers greater value for your money.