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Development has started on a new comedy puzzle adventure for the NDS.

Jungle Rumble Puzzle Adventure
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Asylum delivers games that are good looking, technically sound and fun to play. We would like to provide the following professional services for you:


arrow Complete 3D and 2D video game development.
arrow Cross platform, multi-platform and cross-media interactivity.
arrow Creative concept, brand design and development.
arrow Collaboration with specialist knowledge experts.
arrow Game engine software development.
arrow Content creation and authoring; including graphics, game-play, narrative and sound.
arrow Development Innovations and special features.


Market areas:

arrow Children’s
arrow Family
arrow Titles with broad appeal



arrow Children’s
arrow Family
arrow Titles with broad appeal


Development Platforms:

NDS | Wii | Xbox360 | Xbox | PS3 | PC

Working with Others: Asylum builds great relationships and has experience of working with large organisations and corporations. The company has worked well with producers, brand holders, and managers and is used to satisfying multiple stakeholders on any given project.

Asylum understands software developers very well and knows how to get the best from them while training and developing them also. Asylum has a huge pool of experienced development resources in the UK, New Zealand, US, Europe and Australia.

Software and Games Development Experience

Asylum has vast experience at running complex 3D game design & development software projects. The leadership at the company has managed up to three large teams simultaneously, the largest team being 45 people strong. Asylum Entertainment has released over 18 products on multiple platforms and has very high standards for content creation and many years of 3D development and technical expertise.

Completed Consumer Titles
Title(s) 1 | 2
Rescue Heros

Rescue Heroes - Molten Menace PSOne
Publisher: Mattel PC


Cubix - Race For Solex
Publisher: 3DO

Sabrina - The teenage witch

Sabrina the Teenage Witch -
A Stitch in Time
Publisher: Vivendi


Play With the Teletubbies
Publisher: BBC Worldwide

Wow Garden

Dr Who Destiny of the Doctors
Publisher: BBC Worldwide

  1 | 2
Games in development
Wow Garden

arrowWow! Garden


Wow!Garden is an amazing innovative online game & chat community for 8 – 14 year olds. The game is unique as it is designed by the users themselves and driven by collaboration.

Asylum are currently developing the Wow!Garden universe, to find out more or to get involved visit

Kid Ninja

arrowKid Ninja

Animated TV series & Nintendo Wii console

KID NINJA - children's animated TV series, currently in development at Cartoon Network:


KID NINJA is a kinetic, high-speed martial arts comedy adventure series for 6-11 year olds.

JET WHEELER is a regular 12-year-old. He is also KID NINJA, the newest, youngest and coolest in a long line of ninja warriors to do battle with the DRAGON MASTER, his WARRIOR MONK MINIONS and the RAVENOUS DRAGON SPIRITS.

Trained by KUMA, the ninja warrior spirit of Jet's ancestor and the sole survivor of the Dragon Master's onslaught, Jet learns that KID NINJA's got the MARTIAL ARTS MOVES - mixed with a mega-dose of 21st Century freestyle attitude - the MAGIC - in the heat of battle, he will strike a pose and morph into the animal form to match his fighting style - and an array of NINJA-INSPIRED GADGETS.

With all this on his side, you wouldn't think the Dragon Master stood much of a chance. And you'd be right...

If only Kuma's ancient warrior spirit wasn't trapped inside the body of a moth-eaten stuffed toy...

If only Kid Ninja's morphing magic didn't slip out at the most inconvenient moment, growing Jet a tiger tail during gym class or a shark fin in the pool...

... And if only his gadgets didn't have a tendency to break down at a vital moment.

Martial Arts. Magic. Mayhem. There's a new kid on the block...


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